Unlike last year when Victor Wembanyama was a no brainer as the #1 overall pick, this year lacks the same overwhelming favorite. It seems very likely that either Zaccharie Risacher or Alex Sarr will go first in the 2024 NBA Draft. However, neither one will give the Hawks the same confidence that the Spurs had by taking Wemby one year ago. At this point, I’m having flashbacks to 2013 when there was no clear-cut top prospect and the Cavaliers took Anthony Bennett with the #1 overall pick. Point being, I wouldn’t be surprised if Atlanta picked any one of the top six players in the 2024 T10B Mock NBA Draft. Perhaps most surprising is that 2x NCAA Player-of-the-Year Zach Edey is not on anyone’s radar screen as a likely top 10 overall pick. I can understand teams with a top 5 pick looking elsewhere, but I just can’t imagine 10 players from the 2024 draft who will have better careers. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.