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Top 10 NFL Draft Busts

Brian “Boz” Bosworth: #10 NFL Draft Bust:

Just like Dr. Jekyll had Mr. Hyde, Brian Bosworth had The Boz, an alter-ego who was a larger-than-life personality living inside a football player’s body. Unlike Jekyll and Hyde, however, Bosworth (the athlete) and Boz (the media sensation) weren’t split personalities but rather one and the same. As a marketing major in college, Bosworth understood the importance of building a brand and The Boz was his brand. The following post goes through the epic rise and fall of one of the most hyped superstars in college football history. By the end, you may not like him more than you currently do, but you should respect him more.

Honorable Mention

Kelly Stouffer: Honorable Mention (NFL)

Synopsis: No, Kelly Stouffer is not the 11x World Champion surfer. Rather, he is a former 6th overall pick remembered best for sitting out the entire 1987 NFL season after being unable to come to terms with the St. Louis Cardinals. At the time, the Cardinals were one year away from relocating to Phoenix because the “Gateway to the West” let their team head west instead of paying for a new football stadium. In anticipation of the relocation, Cardinals owner Bill Bidwill didn’t want to spend a lot on payroll. Known for being frugal, the owner presumably agreed to select Stouffer thinking that the player would accept a deal based on projected versus actual draft position. At an impasse for almost a year, the team ultimately traded its first round pick to the Seattle Seahawks before losing his signing rights. Given the quarterback’s starting record of 5-11 and career totals of 2,300 passing yards with seven touchdowns and 19 interceptions, the Cardinals made a good decision to get rid of him. It’s clear that Stouffer didn’t have a good NFL career, but should he be considered a bust? Read more to find out.

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